25 june

On way to competent crew course. Awaiting train from St David’s to Plymouth. Feeling strangely emotional. Teary. Weird. No kids, nappy bags or newborn demands to preoccupy me. Just that huge wave of change brewing….34 days…

21.01 hrs
Aboard SY SAPPHIRE. Good day. Wind chapped face. Been left on the boat alone. Again everything seems possible. 8 years ago when I first met Ben and started going aboard, whilst I enjoyed being aboard I was thinking about when I’d get off. Today, I was perfectly happy in the cockpit staring at the horizon. Oh how things change. And that was on someone else’s (modern) boat. How much better will it be aboard our boathome with our kids at our feet and the world to see. Made me feel free to know that we will be able both physically and practically, to turn up at any port and get on with the business of life. Language, nationality, wealth being no bar to our freedom to roam and be. What wonderful freedom is that?

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