7 august

nous sommes en france!! we arrived today around noon after a 26 hour long passage across the channel and through the mighty shipping lanes. what a trip that was! well mainly for ben who helmed alone from 11pm through them playing chicken…those highways are full of mighty slugs which seem big and cumbersome and slow but boy can they shift as they suddenly loom large on your bow…anyway i am rapidly realising that there is no such thing as plain sailing as anything can happen which is usually not what you expected. fear not, we have not nearly capsized or died or anything, quite the opposite. i suppose i am just having my (non) sailing eyes opened widely to reveal their yellow belly whites.

the passage was a mixed bag – amongst the headlines; sun not rain (which was predicted); dhanu dancing her way to 7 knots (ben amazed and in awe having never recorded her doing this. i did ask whether this was due to the fact that he never had a device that could easily record her speed. i know what a smart arse i am. this did cause some back of head scratching. this tic now infamous in our marriage to indicate doubt and uncertainty. anyway i am digressing wildly). what next, oh the light of silvery moon – how beautiful as were the deep velvety waves that swirled beneath and around and about and lifted us up whilst always avoiding to drop a drop over the toerail…i found this a bizarre sensation and one that did unnerve me for several hours until i realized this was normal when you take to a boat in the middle of the sea. anyway the beautiful silvery light disappeared as it was eaten by the cloud casting us into darkness mid shipping lanes. but my amazing salty seahusband steered us through til the morning in one piece. meanwhile the girls slept through the crash bang wallop which typified the later hours whilst i did not having to trace all sources of clanging and bashing and other aural annoyances emanating from the galley.

anyway – we are here. my first overnight passage complete. my eyes wide and truly opened. i want to swear here but perhaps i wont.

a la procahine

ps – im writing this on a french non qwerty keyboard – a weird sensation – like wearing shoes the wrong way around – hence the typos and absence of capitals – sorry to all you perfectionists out there it is not usually my style – i must go

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2 Responses to 7 august

  1. harriett palin (sister of phily) says:

    phily and ben this is so fun to read… i showed mum and dad today and they found it quite emotional and utterly amazing at the same time and now seem to have got to grips with the technology following your voyage and they feel in awe.. we chuckled at all the vids and salivated at the prawns and applauded you … so well done guys. good luck with biscay and this week ahead. i’m sure you’ve got slightly better weather than us here in blighty (rain/sun/wind/more rain…not sure what its doing really)… keep the blog going, its brilliant. we can’t wait for you to reach portugal for some feet up and custard tarts! love to the girls and capt ben… ps. quote from bella today after watching the video of you leaving topsham and setting sail… ‘are they there yet’?

    • Harry – so sweet – thanks for commenting – it makes me feel so connected to you all – keep commenting – and bear with any delay in my response…big kisses to you and your girls xxxx

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