14 aug

0750 hours and the wind is still blowing from the west and far too hard! No departure today – tomorrow is looking perfect though as are the following 3 days. So today should be our last day in port to sort boat and get ship shape. Whilst I am a bit nervous to go I am also keen to get to Portugal – it is nice here but it’ll be even nicer there. Watch this space. SUNANDCUSTARDTARTS

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4 Responses to 14 aug

  1. dad says:

    bon voyage and all our love… dad x

    • dad! you have commented! well done – makes us so happy to know you are just at the other end of the blog – we feel connected to you even more! i hope you can get around the blog ok and independently – Alfi and I are on the boat whilst Ben has popped into town with Olive to get some chicken (no meat in a while save a load of moules the other day). Currently Alfi is in the lobster chair squealing and was hitherto COVERED in mashed banana due to poor spoon handling by mummy combined with her sneezing all at the same time…despite looking identical, not all that I wiped from her was banana…i will leave it there…much much love – will try and call in the morning – we love you – big hug to you both – xxxx

  2. Clare says:

    Darling 4, saw paccs and vero and he gave us your blog link – it is wonderful and we are hooked. Charlie just hooted loudly all over the house shouting how fabulous it is, how lovely the photos are, how wonderful you both are…. Keep it up, stop him playing civilisation two (circa 1998) on laptop! It is wonderful… Spoke to hugh and almost first thing he said was ‘have you seen the blog’ – vocabulary he has never used before. Amazing! As Horse says, it is emotional and I am SO PROUD and I awe of you. Send you oooodles of love buggles and snogs xxxxxxxxxx

    • Great comments – thanks! im so sorry you did not get our details from us – im confused by this as you were slap bang in the middle of all addressess who were sent the original email with all our details – claremead address – pls send correct email so I can send again so I have the right one – or check your bloody email! it was sent around 1 aug? anyway we leave for biscay today now this morning – its a beautiful calm sunny morning – weve not had one of those in france so it mustbe the right day to go – glad we waited…i know the word blog tumblling from dads mouth does seem an oxymoron – he even commented yesterday – so proud of him…anyway must fly or sail or go or whichever verb applies! much love from us 4 saltypeeps…ps pressure cooker still full steam ahead and keeping us quickly fed – its like a magic trick…x

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