15 aug

0925 hours. We are leaving in a few minutes. The sky is clear. The water is calm. Last night and today are the first night / morning in seven when it has not blown a hoolie or rained. So glad we waited. Breathing deep and preparing for 3 nights at sea…oh lord…fingers crossed Olive doesn’t go mental and thus my sanity will remain (more or less) in tact. Bon voyage to us four! Au revoir France.

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10 Responses to 15 aug

  1. dad says:

    god speed our love to all

  2. Dan and Niki says:

    More down to earth realism from dan skeldon – Sitting in Thai orchid waiting a for a take away. Niki hasn’t stopped going on about how lovely the one you guys bought for her was. You’re having a much more exciting time by now. Weve been checking the blog every day and been enjoying your updates massively – thanks so much for doing it. It’s got me through some tedious days at work! It’s clearly all going well and you’ve made great progress already. Hope Biscay was great and epicinagoodway. Lots of love/manly handshakes from us all. Dan Niki olly and bug.

    • oh for thai food now…yum. so glad blog being enjoyed! more to post soon re biscay – it was epic indeed. we reached land at 9am this morning having left france 10am on friday morning. will take me a while to digest it all and post something succinct and appropriate. it was amazing and intense and at times quite hairy from my point of you (and I think Ben’s too). but what it took from one hand it gave back into the other – we saw dolphins and lots of stars and had two calm beautiful days in the middle. the girls loved all of it being blissfully unaware of the hairy moments. the bouncier it got the bouncier olive got. as we were bouncing around last night she was in the focsle face pressed up against the port hole saying ‘were are the whales mummy?’ ‘where are the dolphins mummy’ ‘that’s water mummy’ all whilst the sea swirled and sprayed about outside the window – olive has been incredible i have to say. however the last 15 hours were overwhelming with a lot of wind and swell resulting in a very bouncy boat which meant poor Ben to helm all of that as it was too much for me…I have learnt an awful lot of nav skills though as a result! seems we make a good team. anyway more on that soon…tell nikki thanks for her text though im not sure the email came through in full – can she email it? we are in port for a few days now with free wifi so id love to hear from her – sending lots of love back and salty handshakes!! a very pongy family jefferies xxxx

  3. Jane says:

    Just caught up with you blog (which is lovely, by the way!), just in time to give you a virtual wave as you head across Biscay. Bon voyage! Lookingforward to hearing from you when you reach Portugal. Take care xx Jane PS White Street misses you. And Ben’s car.

    • ha! i bet white street does not miss Bens car one bit…heehee..great to hear from you and glad you enjoying the blog…now in la coruna, spain for pitstop after an intense 4 nights in biscay…nice to be on land again…will post soon so watch this space…hope the house is coming along…what will white street do when you guys no longer need to pace up and down covered in paint between your various residences…? much love xxxx

  4. ben says:

    can you get back from the internet café now please, you’re needed here. ben

  5. Dan says:

    Been checking internet for past two days every 20 mins or so. Am really glad I checked these comments as had no idea you were all good. Rang the sat phone and that just went to silent. Any chance you could just leave the shortest of messages on the Daily Post page whenever you get a chance? ie: coordinates or whatever?

  6. Dan says:

    … ie: only on the particular passages that are the ‘biggies’ ie: Atlantaic / Biscay / Cape etc…

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