26 sept

The ‘eye’ saw it’s first visitor today. A large fish actually stopped and stared into the boat through the eye. Suddenly we became the human aquarium…hilarious. Every time I walked past the ‘eye’ I could see the side of the fish just hovering nearby. Perhaps he thinks we are a big fish…we are attracting life!

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2 Responses to 26 sept

  1. Camilla says:

    Are you in the bay of Cascais? You might attract a little more life from a Rous that Ben knew in the last century.. I went to the Marinha yesterday but couldn’t find your boat. Are you still there? Maybe we can meet on the beach on Friday lunchtime?

  2. Niki says:

    Love the idea of u being the aquarium exhibits! Make sure you do your hair for the benefit of the fish (oh no, u can’t, cos u gave all your nice shampoo to me). Well done for completing your first major leg, doubling the size of your family, and achieving the very anchor you’d lusted after had me grinning broadly like an idiot in the middle of Heathrow Departure lounge (yes, some if us have to travel in the boring way). Loads of love to you all. And good luck to Ben for sorting self steering. Niki x

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