28 Nov

I know, it has been weeks since I have posted anything. Sorry about this. I blame a lack of power and wifi connectivity.  But also a need to sink into a quiet place and to recharge batteries.  La Graciosa has enabled this beautifully. Life has assumed a very slow and simple pace.

We are very well. Happy. Relaxed. Ready for the next step. Current plan; sail 800 miles south to the Cape Verdes Islands. This should take between 7-8 days. It will put us further away from these damn lows that still lurk bringing wind and rain and inclement conditions. It also breaks up a very long journey to the Caribbean so we consider it a good plan. We will literally go there to pit stop, re-fuel, let the girls feet touch land so they can run around a bit before cooping them up for the big crossing west. YES! It is on. It is happening. There is much I could say but for now, lets focus on the visual.

Meantime here are some pics of the last few weeks…

The walk back from town…

Went out for a sail with another boat whom we had befriended..this is SY Tarmin looking beautiful.


The girls, curtain twitching…


Olive woke up one morning and pointed at some scissors telling Daddy to take his beard away…this had been a long awaited family event…even Olive had a go…Ben was reluctant to remove all facefur. He retained a movember tache. However that glory has faded as the cheek fur has returned creating a patchy and slightly sorry site…I wonder if I will ever see my husband’s upper lip and cheekbones again?

Boat kids…

IMG_3346 kids focsle


The daily treasure hunt…






Catching up on zeds…snorkel obligatory…


Alfi…I know there are four in our family, but Alfi deserves some revealing…she has come on leaps and bounds (literally) since arriving here. She crawls, climbs over anything in her way, has the grip of a boa constrictor and seems strong as an ox. Olive enjoys testing this – sitting on her is practically an hourly event…

Lastly, I have been able to post videos to 27th October post which give a flavour of our crossing from Portugal to Canaries – check them out!

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6 Responses to 28 Nov

  1. rachel says:

    We were beginning to wonder about you all and hope all is well. Even though your life has slowed down you must take time and reflect how lucky you are as it us a rare time in anybodies life to have these slow and precious times. The uk is doing its crazy materialistic build To christmas and has just had the American ” black friday” one day shopping frenzy added to all the other commercialism we seem to have to rid folks of £. People seen being arrested for brawling in the isles in tescos over bargains in several store!!!!! What is that about???? We would all love a bit of your slow lane…….:)).
    So amazed that Alfi is On her feet :). You now have 2 toddles!!
    Love to you all. Has the beard been left
    For the big crossing or is it gone? Xxxx

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. qpcs6 says:

    Jesus H Christ. Olive is a facsimile of the author. X

  3. Kate Scott-Clarke says:

    What beautiful photos. Love them! Great to hear from you too. So when is the BIG crossing?? x x

  4. Julia B says:

    Woo! The crazy people are alive! Fab to hear from you, loving the pictures and videos. Much love. X

  5. Elvira says:

    Great to see you all, I haven’t updated myself for a while but great to see you looking healthy and happy. We’re very well, just plodding along trying to get this house finished. Just missing a door now but with 2 degrees temperatures it’s a bit trying! Lots of love to all, thinking of you. x

  6. Ann and Bino Gorini says:

    So glad you are on your way and that you are looking so healthy the girls look wonderful good luck with next stage lots of loveAnn andBinoxxx

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