18 december

Finally. We plan to leave this island tomorrow. Heading to Lanzarote, a half day sail away. There we will provisoin, do some boat jobs and wait for the next window. It looks like there could be one opening on Christmas Eve…we will see. WOohoo! Movement! We will of course keep you posted.

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2 Responses to 18 december

  1. Niki says:

    Brilliant to have the updates! Thanks. It was the Topsham mums’ Xmas works do (ie night out at the cafe ) tonight and we missed u! Jane was reminiscing about meeting u, heavily pregnant and immediately hitting it off. Gosh, so much has has changed since then! Wish we’d had presence of mind earlier to attempt Xmas card to ‘Dhanu, la graciosa’ just to see if it made it, but too late now ! Best if luck for the Big Crossing. U guys are amazing! Happy (non) Christmas! X

  2. LE NEZET says:

    Stéphane, Ivane et Zian se joigne a moi pour vous souhaiter un joyeux noël sous le soleil j’espère.
    Nous pensons à vous quatre , vous souhaitant de belles aventures et de découvertes.
    Grosse bise à tous les quatre

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