24 dec

It is Christmas Eve.

We are in Lanzarote and have been here since 19th. The first three days in a lovely anchorage. But intended weather blew us in to the marina, where we are now. Or in fact, did all it could to blow us away from it. Getting here was an eventful hour of sailing into the wind which I’d rather not repeat. I think at one point we were actually going backwards. Or at least felt very stationary. But once more, we arrived safely if a little wet and shell shocked by the conditions.

However that experience was nothing compared to the shock of sailing with kids again, after eight weeks on Graciosa living a landed and easy life. We did in the end, overcome the shock of that and bright lights big city. Noises, cars, people, stuff being sold everywhere, transactions occurring…but until we did it is true the wheels of this family machine did fall off. Momentarily. But acclimatised we did and since then we have been getting stuff done to prepare for the next leg. The biggest thus far. Major milestone met leading directly toward the Atlantic. So. We are provisioning – today the boat swallowed kilos of wine, pasta, rice, tins and jars and spices. From here on wine gets expensive, so we need stocks. I am amazed at how much stuff we have stowed away. This boat impresses me all the time.

So, what of the plan? The weather? The plan is as it has always been, to head south. But only once the weather looks settled. This is slow in coming but once it comes, we will be like butter of a hot knife to get south. So what if it has taken us much longer than planned. If we cannot stop and stare now, when will we ever. Anyway, the weather has stalled us all the way, so we continue to patiently wait for the last and final push towards those warm latitudes. We are ready. We have had months aiming for the next step, psychologically if not practically. Hence there are a few more jobs to do. And then back to the anchorage to wait for blessed weather.


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1 Response to 24 dec

  1. Dan skeldon says:

    Hello lovely people. Dan here, reading up on your adventures after shamefully neglecting your blog for a few weeks. Glad to see everything is going so well. We missed singing and enjoying a glass with you at the bridge yesterday. Happy Christmas. Love and manly handshakes. Us.

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