Christmas Day 2014

It is 2018 aboard Dhanu. There are shreds of tinsel stuff on the floor. Alfi is crawling around with a maraca that looks like a frog hanging out of her mouth (thanks Aunty Harry). She reminds me of a beautiful little grenade with a tempting colourful pin dangling out of her pursed little determined lips. It is very amusing. Olive is standing semi naked watching octonauts. I am writing this. Ben is checking the weather. Our bellies are full. Wine seems always to have been in my glass. It has been a lovely simple Christmas day, as Christmassy as any Christmas can be in a warm place. We got up late and deployed presents. Few squabbles ensued as to which ones Olive thought she deserved. Poor Alfi. Owns nothing. It is either used or stolen by Olive. Nevermind…she is starting to fight back. Either stealing Olive’s bunny or pulling her hair in her sticky mits. Olive better watch out.

Then we went out for Christmas lunch (we had forgotten to buy food despite the two supermarket trips spent provisioning the boat). The girls got to wear exceptionally pretty dresses that were given to them by a dear friend of mine. Thank you Shazia. They are the most beautiful dresses that will probably ever be in their locker and certainly the only to match. Here they are are looking like children of a bygone era. instead of grubby boat kids with fistfuls of bungee and legs covered in coloured pen.


Quickly, we found a local restaurant with tables outside. The menu was given verbally in no uncertain terms. It comprised of either fish or fish. We opted for fish, the mixed grill for two. What arrived was a platter that would have fed four. We ate the whole thing. And along with an entire tuna salad that she polished off, Olive also made a bid for the fish heads! All washed down with beer. Totally delicious.


Then a stroll to the play park for some swings and slides. (If you should ever need to know of any play parks between Falmouth and here, just ask. Play parks and supermarkets. And bakeries, tourist centres, fresh veg markets. Oh yeah, and chandleries. How to plot the globe!)


There are some very sweet videos that my connection aint having, so Ill have to post those another day.

So now we are vertical, vegging out. Most probably in a similar state to you. Happy. Sated. Bit bloated. Bit knackered. Very gratefully, wine assisted. Feeling positive whilst watching my kids and thinking of you all back there. Happy Christmas!

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2 Responses to Christmas Day 2014

  1. Happy belated Christmas and All Very Very Good Wishes for 2015 and onward trip!
    Such beautiful girls in rosy dresses – really lovely picture! Lots of love, Nicola and Charlie XXXX

  2. Jane says:

    Happy Christmas you lot!! Jxxx

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