27 January

Finally.  We have a forecast.  A good one.  Good enough. We would be mad not to leave now we feel. So we leave Thursday 29th.  Excited to be heading South, back to sea.  For all the reasons previously stated.  Nervous too, yes. So Capes Verdes Islands here we come…watch this space…will try and get some photos up before we go if WIFI will allow.

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5 Responses to 27 January

  1. Cheryl Wild says:

    Bon Voyage!! Look forward to more news as and when xx

  2. rachel says:

    Happy smooth sailing and sending you loads if love. Xxxx

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  3. Veronique says:

    Very exciting!!! Wishing you the plain sailing you deserve! Lots of love from us all.

  4. Claire says:

    The Davenports are wishing you fair winds for the next leg. We think of you often x

  5. harriett palin (sister of phily) says:

    Great news from Dhanu! Bon voyage guys, here’s to a happy smooth sail and look forward to hearing from you when you pull into the Cape Verdes. Much love from all of us xxx

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