7 February, 2015 13:41

We have arrived in Mindelo, Sao Vincente-Cape Verdes Islands. We were 8.5 days and 8 nights at sea having left Fuerteventura on Thursday 29th January around 9.30am. Since then we’ve put behind us 979 sea miles, our longest passage to date. Alfi turned one yesterday to boot! We are elated, exhausted, exhilarated and looking forward to a good rest. The passage was intense-the details to follow. We are safe and well and send you all salty love.

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7 Responses to 7 February, 2015 13:41

  1. kate says:

    Yeay! Great that you have arrived. Have a good sleep and can’t wait to read the detailsxxxx

  2. rachel english says:

    Hurray!!!!!! You amazing people. I wonder if you felt, like I, that first priority on landing was a shower or some running water to wash off the salt ? Soooo please you are safe and sound and had a good trip xxxxxxx

  3. Alexandra says:

    Amazing Danu and crew, un abrazo de la familia al completo.

  4. Ian Cooper says:

    Well done guys you did well avoiding the dying breeze. Typically this week coming looks like ideal stronger winds between Canaries & Verdes! Enjoy your time ashore and good luck for the main crossing. xx Ian, Mary, Morgan & Laylu

    • Thank you so much for the forecast on passage-was really helpful! Hope you are all well and happy. Big thanks to Mary for gear book…Olive loves it and we haven’t read anything else since you left it-shame we missed you x

  5. Monica says:

    Well done! Philippa and family, I am a second cousin of your mother and we too are sailors. We live in Rome and sail the Tyrrehnian sea mainly, Ionian over to Greece and over to Tunisia, but never ventured any further. So it’s good to follow you and we certainly understand the joys and pains of your adventure! All the very best Monica

  6. Wow am so glad you are safe and well amazing stuff have passed it on to friends girls look so amazing cannot wait for you to get where you are going lots of love from all of us Gorinis big hug to thegreatnieces Ann and Bino xxxx

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