24 March

Just to say two things. One; massive post coming once time found to write it etc. But two, more importantly, to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement and kind comments which mean the world to us. To know that we were bobbing about in your (worried) heads whilst bobbing about the ocean gives us goosebumps. Anyway here is a (not so brilliant) shot of us literally minutes after we dropped anchor on 18 March, with a much needed rum in hand…


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4 Responses to 24 March

  1. Joe Walsh says:

    Outstanding, well done and congratulations.

  2. Kate Scott-Clarke says:

    Great news! Alfi looks like a little blonde Olive in this picture. Hope you’re now having a great, relaxing time x x x

  3. Eve and Herbert says:

    We are so proud of your achievements and hope to see you at the end of the year somewhere over the pond.

  4. We are all so proud of you. Our well intentioned quibbles and concerns now seem silly now you are actually there. I think the photo looks fantastic. What a monumental achievement. You legends, love from Dan, Jenn, Meg and Scarlett XXxx

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