Of all the places that stole my heart, Dominica has to be she.

For sure, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  A pristine, clean, undeveloped paradise. Stuffed full of dense ancient rainforest which (bar a bit of small scale subsistence farming) seemed untouched.  She was also easy to access.  We just hired a car and followed the wiggly roads up and down incredibly steep inclines. We stopped where the faces welcome us and let the island steal our breath.

The locals were awesome too.  They did not roll over for us. Quite often we were the show as Olive walked up the street with her dress above her head and Alfi rummaged around in the dirt looking for treasure.  There was an edge.  We were being observed.  But our broad grins and look-em-dead in the eye attitude brought immediate smiles which opened their faces whilst they asked which part of London we were from.  Everyone had an uncle or a cousin there.  We were welcomed.  They said please tell the people about us and come back. They asked why do all the tourists want white sandy beaches? (Unlike most other places in the Caribbean, they don’t have these.) How could I answer that?  If you are into to hiking, trekking, walked all day and finding forest lodgings and then carrying on in the morning…GO TO DOMINICA!

That I frequently found myself gawping at someone whom I convinced myself had to be Idris Elba’s brother or cousin or uncle walking around was also pleasant. They make ’em ‘real bootiful’ there. Including the vegetation! Giant, old,  jaw dropping. We were flabbergasted by the fact that the rainforest is really is untouched. The trees are ladened with fruit which they practically give away. It is a heaven on earth and so saddened were we to hear that within a month of being there and soon after we arrived in Grenada, Hurricane Erica whooshed in and put the country back decades whilst killing twenty people…did you hear about it?  I suspect not…

Portsmouth, Dominica – or ‘Rainbow Island’ if you are Olive…


Hanging out in town…



But the real prize; Giant Thick Rainforest (look at puny man)



The Witches House – Indian River (…a set for one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films….)


Ancient trees…


Meeting new crawlies on the Indian River


Recycling at its best!




This is the free million dollar view…just out of shot was a beaten up much used old sofa facing the sea.




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2 Responses to Dominica

  1. Wow what a paradise amazing photos girls look sooooo healthy how can you think of coming back??? Love to you all Ann Binoxx

  2. Clare says:

    I will comment alongside my lovely sister! So your two O’Donnell aunts are obviously thrilled delighted jumping over moons buckets and stars that you are safe happy and well and that I can live without punctuation
    Love to bpoa from ccbbm xxxxxxxx

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