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15th april – the Atlantic crossing

A month since we arrived! Already! About time I put into words our journey here. The epic to end all epics? Hmm…well we have definitely arrived. And in rapid time. There were no medical emergencies. No collisions with a whale. … Continue reading

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24 March

Just to say two things. One; massive post coming once time found to write it etc. But two, more importantly, to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement and kind comments which mean the world to us. To know … Continue reading

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19 march

Well folks, we’ve done it! We crossed the Atlantic in 16 days 3 hours arriving yesterday in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua. We’ve sailed 2110 miles across that ocean with two wee tots and a lot of wind and some pretty big … Continue reading

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Sunday 1 March – eve of departure

It is now the eve of our Atlantic departure. We leave tomorrow. For sure. It, is happening. I can’t believe it. The mood is quietly relaxed whilst resonating a mild sense of shock. Silly really as we have not stopped … Continue reading

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23 february

So a few words on Mindelo. It is small. It is poor. It is colourful. It is littered with signs of a Portuguese colonial past. In the crumbling, paint flaking buildings. In the mixed race faces. In the tempting hip … Continue reading

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15 february

So, here we are in Mindelo, Sao Vincente, Cape Verdes Islands. Our passage here was the longest to date, 979 miles over 9 days and 8 nights. Another epic, at least to us. (So another eipc post I’m afraid…I have … Continue reading

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11 feb

Lots to say but no time to write it down. Meantime here is olive with Jessica who insisted on a cuddle as she sold us beautiful fresh tomatoes and onions whilst gifting bananas for the girls…more to follow

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