20th May

Newsflash! We are living in a house! Complete with coast views, dogs, cats and wild horses that wander casually in to the garden. It does feel a little bit like cheating but the prospect of a 6 week house sit with a running water supply, a bathroom, WIFI, washing machine, two separate bedrooms (WITH DOORS!) and a car was too great and convenient to ignore. So here we are high up on a hill in a house through which the wind blows. It is brilliant to have space and height and all mod cons…

We are so high up. The road up here could be mistaken for solidified dribble left by an earthquake. Thankfully (and necessarily), a couple of 4 wheel drives were thrown in.  So dinghy swapped for Rav4, life jackets for seat belts. The perilous hill is teaching us how to 4 wheel drive. When in doubt Olive is on standby to sing out where the tricky bits are…literally ‘here comes the tricky bit mummy.’ But the way is worth the elevated living, awesome views and space to breath and just think. Once the girls are tucked up, Ben and I sit on the verandah drinking beer talking about how we want to live the rest of our lives…we are formulating A Plan.

The girls are loving it. Pick up trucks; the perfect playpen.

And then there is the space, doors to bang, animals to make friends with. Olive loves calling the cats for lunch whilst Alfi steals handfuls of their food which she really enjoys stuffing fistfuls of it in her gob.  Both girls are obsessed with the fridge.  If they aren’t trying to open it or climb into it, they simply stare up at it like a White God. I do too whilst trying not to think about how they will possibly go back to life aboard.  No fridge.  No bathroom. No cold anything.  At least the verandah is teaching Alfi of a space greater than 36 foot which I am convinced will see her walking by the time we move out.  I feel like Meryl Streep’s character in Out of Africa as I gaze down over scrub and palm trees. All in all we are living Jolly Well.


Alfi’s breakfast view


Pooh with a view (sorry, snigger snigger…)


Our neighbour is a rastaman who we see on horseback, leading foals around on bits of rope. All bouncing locks and muscles…man and beast. Then we see his army of rasta kids who run around the area all bouncing locks and bare chests too. Wild horses saunter into the garden with an air of entitlement and absolutely no fear of us or anyone else.


Also it is pretty cool how the house is nearly self sufficient.  It relies on the rain for water and solar power for electricity.  The mosquitoes however are very uncool.  In the first week nothing we did seem to defend us from repeated grievous assaults metered out indiscriminately.  A shock as the little critters are so absent from the boat. We seem to be winning the battle now, armed with bazookas of chemical sprays, coils and the good old net, but the first week saw major chemical warfare and left the girls looking like pox survivors and us sleepless and a bit haggered.

Nonetheless the girls continue to have an awesome existence, if only they knew, running around the ‘estate’, playing with the animals, going to new beaches and hanging out in cars.



But it is not all play play play.  No. We are getting stuff done.  Making use of the WIFI and the washing machine, the power supply and the space.  We are currently making a deck awning for the boat with a sail given to us by the local sail loft. At last we will have a cooler boat! Ben did all the cutting and measuring and I pieced it all together and stitched it up. It is a far cry from taking up hems but I am loving it.


So here we sit, playing house for a few more weeks whilst making and hopefully saving some coin. Then south south south we head. I am so excited at the prospect of voyaging again. Guadaloupe, Dominica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, then Grenada to sit out the hurricane season. Can’t wait, can’t wait. Until then, then…

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4 Responses to 20th May

  1. Aiden says:

    Enjoying terra firma I see. Envious of you making the cricket in Antigua. I remember opening the bowling with Ben for the Under 13’s at school…

  2. cheryl wild says:

    Sitting in my stuffy office with no windows that open, but the magical air-conditioning is supposed to be better than fresh air they say, eating my lunch and catching up on your adventures – simply wonderful !! xxxx

  3. dave n hazel says:

    Where have you got to Dhanu crew? Radio silence is unnerving!

  4. Bill & Carol says:

    Hi there Carruthers, How are you all? No news since May, we miss you all, hope all is well. If you are transmitting we are not receiving. Still at old e-mail address. Do send us some news. Bill & Carol J.

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