19 march

Well folks, we’ve done it! We crossed the Atlantic in 16 days 3 hours arriving yesterday in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua. We’ve sailed 2110 miles across that ocean with two wee tots and a lot of wind and some pretty big seas! At least we were fast. We are understandably exhausted but very happy (and a bit stunned) to have made our dream, real. What now? Rest, beer, rest and then sometime soon some work. I’ll post the epic to end all epics in due course. Sending lots of love. Xxxx

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24 Responses to 19 march

  1. Rachel says:

    Wwwwhhhhhooooooopppppieiiieeee !!!!!!!:::)))))) you are amazing. I was thinking about you today and so thrilled for you and much relieved. Rest and enjoy xxxx. Go and see English harbour and Nelsons dockyard while you are there as it has a bit of history. You can take a bus/ minibus I wonder if they still sell the most amazing fish cakes as street food there? Xxxx

  2. Linda sharpe says:

    Well done you two. We heard today from Graham who told us your news. Sounds like an epic voyage, can’t wait to hear the details. Enjoy Antigua and then get travelling around those gorgeous islands. We will envy you that sunshine and warmth. Love Linda & Adrian

  3. Bill & Carol says:

    Philippa & Carruthers, Olive and Aflie….WELL DONE, WHAT A CREW. Thought of you every day and knew that you all and Dhanu were up to the challenge. We are amazed that you have had such a fast passage. We have not felt so happy about you since you told us you were getting married. You deserve the Royal Navy’s highest award “WELL DONE” you can now go and splice the Main Brace, not a problem where you are as there is plenty of Rum. Relax and enjoy your well earned time in The W. Indies. TTFN Bill & Carol. XXxx.

  4. Kate Scott-Clarke says:

    WOW! Congratulations. Well done Team Jefferies 🙂 Have been thinking about you so much. Every Thursday I go to a post-natal yoga class in Topsham. Always reminds me of you. Can’t wait to hear about the crossing. Much love to you all x x


  5. Clarky & Rach. says:

    WooHoo! Amazing stuff.
    I hope the kids did their share of the night watch’s!!!
    Looking forward to the epic tale – let me know when you are going to post it and we’ll take a couple of days off work!!!
    Enjoy your beer(s)
    Big love
    Colin and Rachel

  6. Sarah Massey says:

    Awesome guys -congratulations!!! Have been thinking of you all a lot…can’t wait to read about the crossing. Enjoy your beers -well deserved! xx

  7. Harriett palin says:

    Congrats team dhanu…amazing inspiring incredible…enjoy the beer and fruit! Looks hot and sunny. From Falmouth to Falmouth and everywhere in between in the same time as a human gestation period! Well done guys. Love love love love. High five. Hug hug. Harry ed and girls. We miss you very much and are enormously proud of you. Salute Capt Ben and his beautiful crew. X
    P.s. Sis, I’ve had a enquiry for a friend in magazine publishing… We need to talk!

  8. Cheryl Wild says:

    Well done all – it’s been fascinating reading about your journey so far. Now for a little rest perhaps?? xx

  9. Charles Mead says:

    Fantastic job skipper and crew. have been thinking about all lots over the last 2-3 weeks. Lots of love, Uncle Charlie

  10. Charles Mead says:

    … and how about some racing now? Uncle Charlie

  11. Clare says:

    PHEW PHEW PHEW PHEW – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH – YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES – I can start breathing again. So so so many congrats my precious darlings. Can’t wait for the next epic but rest first, eat lots of fruit and drink lots of lovely cold bear (always hated it!) , Hugest Snogs and kisses and love, so proud of you. Hugh said your message sounded like an Irish ballad -“The wind was good and the swell was strong” or something like that…… He slept! They both sounded so so so well when we talked yesterday, they are so relieved and happy for you, as are we. Tightest hugs and biggest love ClareCharlieBellaBiaMimo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Matt OD says:

    Have you been away? X

  13. Veronique says:

    Wonderful news! Very impressed! You must be all so proud and we are so happy for you. You deserve a medal and a holiday now. Hope the girls enjoyed the crossing. Bises from Patrick, Vero and the girls.

  14. sueodon says:

    Darling Philly, Ben and tots, many many congratulations from all of us, we,were,so releived to hear of your safe arrival. I must be a witch as I was thinking and wondering how you were doing and absently went into Facebook where Dan had,posted news that Hughue had heard from you. We are in complete awe of your amazing achievement and look forward to seeing you all in the not too distant future. All love sue’ Paul Rory and Alex xxxx

  15. Well done, you four! What a big jump and so fast! Congratulations from Christine and Heinz, the German couple from the “Anima mea”.

  16. Niki says:

    Amazing! Awesome news! We’ve been on tenterhooks! What an amazing achievement. Hope ben’s birthday at sea was his best ever, and yours on Mon involves sipping cocktails on a dreamy beach. You bloody well deserve it! X

  17. Jane, Doug, Daisy and Charlie. says:

    Yippee!!! Could not be happier for you and more relieved.!!! Daisy is very excited her buddy has made it and me too of course! ++++++++
    Can’t wait to hear the full adventure but on the mean time enjoy the most well deserved r&r xxxxxxxxx

  18. Very well done!! We’re so glad you’ve arrived safe. Lots of love N + C xxxx

  19. hazel n dave says:

    Great news! Philippa you are now an Atlantic sailor!! Congratulations all, look forward to the gritty details xx

  20. Just heard your great news well done ,glad you are all safe and well now rest and enjoy the lovely island big hugs to the girls love Ann and Bino xxxxooooxxx

  21. Dan and Niki says:

    Well done guys! Fantastic news. A few lifetimes of adventures already. Awesome. Lots of love and manly hand shakes from the skeldon’s. enjoy the rum!

  22. Elena says:

    Hurrah Hurrah! So many congratulations on your epic adventure and for sharing your journey with all of us. You are inspirational and awesome and we are mighty proud of you all. Huge sighs of relief from all corners of the country and beyond – keep safe, have a well deserved rest and enjoy those beers! With all our love. Matt, El, Lottie and Alex xxx

  23. Anne and Julian says:

    Very well done to the whole crew!!
    An absolute epic, we’re so proud of you and will look forward to hearing all about it when you’ve recovered a little.
    Enjoy yourselves – plenty of warmth and sand etc not to mention the beers, but mostly the rum punches at sunset (in the peace of the cockpit once the girls are asleep)
    Love Anne and Julian

  24. Elvira says:

    yippee doo!!!! Can’t wait to read and hear all about it, fantastic news and well done to all!

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